Highfive Domain Dashboard

The Highfive Domain Dashboard is your mission control for Highfive. You can view users with an account and change or update your Highfive device from here.

Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus Plans

  • Only admin role users can access company’s Domain Dashboard.
  • Admins can promote regular users to also be admins.
    • Note: If you're a user and would like admin-level privileges, contact a Highfive admin on your team. For security, Highfive will not promote users to be admins.

Essential Plan

  • All users can access your company’s Domain Dashboard.
  • No admin role users.
  • Everyone has the same privileges.

Access Domain Dashboard

Only users with a Highfive account under your domain can access your company Domain Dashboard.

To access the Domain Dashboard:

  1. Open web browser.
  2. Enter YourCompanyDomain.highfive.com/domain/dashboard in web address bar.
    • YourCompanyDomain is your domain that Highfive has on record.

Note: If you are signed into your Highfive account and are unable to access the domain dashboard, your company may be utilizing our User Roles feature. Learn more about how User Roles can affect dashboard access below.

Domain Dashboard features




  • Change general device settings.
  • View basic device information.


  • Add participants to your call or start Highfive calls by sending meeting links via applications such as Slack.

User Roles

Access and usability of the Domain Dashboard may be restricted by your company depending on your plan.


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