Insights Dashboard

Highfive Admin users on the Standard or Professional plan have access to their Insights Dashboard. This is a tool to help you visualize your Highfive usage, all in one place. You’ll be able to see how your organization uses Highfive with information such as names of devices that have been used the most and what days of the week see the most usage. The dashboard is currently broken down into three sections and can be found in your Domain Dashboard.

Overall Highfive Usage

In this section, you can see your Highfive usage up to a month at a time, with the information being overlaid on a calendar. The darker the colored date boxes are, the the higher the number of call hours and calls your team has made.

Hover your mouse cursor over any particular date to get the exact numbers for that day. Below the calendar, you’ll get additional metrics like average call length for the last 30 days. All information is based on UTC time.

You can switch which month you’re looking at in the top right corner. Additionally, you can download these stats and more by downloading your Insights into a CSV form. You can use this data to learn even more about how Highfive is being adopted.

Room Usage

The room usage section shows you which rooms with a Highfive device are being used the most. This will help you understand how your team is using Highfive. For example, if the room dedicated to the sales team is being used the most, they might be able to help other users better understand and use video and screensharing.

Call Location Patterns

The Call Location patterns overlays your usage on a map, giving you an idea of which offices are using Highfive the most.

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