Highfive & Google Apps Integration

Quick Link: Install the Highfive Chrome Extension

This post will walk you through how to use the Highfive & Google Apps integration.



For customers who use Google apps, and Google Calendar, using Highfive couldn’t be easier. The integration has two pieces, a Google Chrome browser extension, and an in product feature. 

Chrome Extension

If you're a Google Apps user, the Highfive for Google Calendar extension makes scheduling Highfive calls in Google Calendar very easy. You can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


Once the extension is installed and you're logged into your Highfive account, simply create a new calendar event. In the details view, you will see an option to Add Video Call

This will automatically generate a conference URL based on the event name, and input the URL into the Where field. It will also add text to the invite that will help guests unfamiliar with Highfive learn how to join the call.

Your calendar invites will include the call link, and recipients can simply click on the link, or copy/paste into their browser, and they will join the call directly.

In Product Feature

This feature allows you to join Highfive meetings on your calendar by simply opening Highfive. Highfive will show you your most recent calendar event, as well as the rest of your day. Any calendar events that have a Highfive link will say Join Now. Simply click on the event and drop into the call.



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