Release 1.35 (2/16/16)

Note: Product update release notes are posted about a week ahead of the release to alert you to tentative updates and bug fixes for that release. Currently, release notes are sent to a main contact at each company that uses Highfive. If you'd like to subscribe to our release notes, click here.

Highfive’s next update will be released on Tuesday, 2/16/16. We’ve got a brand new feature, as well as some bug fixes and improvements. Updates include:

  • For our Google apps customers, users will be able to see their calendar inside the application and click on an event to join a call if a Highfive link is in the description
  • Highfive on iOS works even without camera permissions
  • Fixed an issue arising from two people simultaneously clicking 'add to call' when letting in someone from the waiting room
  • Fixed an issue where our app was being flagged by certain Anti-Virus companies, specifically Vipre, AVWare, and Zillya
  • Fixed a rare scenario where a few users had issues with moving a screen sharing session to a Highfive device.


  • Updated the dial-in flow on iOS to make it more obvious that dial-in numbers have an expiration

You can expect no more than an hour of downtime starting at 9pm PDT on February 16th. Highfive desktop apps and devices will automatically update over the following 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores.

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