Release 1.37 (3/22)

Note: Product update release notes are posted about a week ahead of the release to alert you to tentative updates and bug fixes for that release. Currently, release notes are sent to a main contact at each company that uses Highfive. If you'd like to subscribe to our release notes, click here.

Our latest and greatest will ship out to you on Tuesday, 3/22/16. Recently, our Highfive Premium customers have been telling us that they needed more than 15 people on the same call. At Highfive, we like to listen to our customers, so we’re giving you want you want! After this update, you and up to 24 other locations can join the same call.

You can expect no more than an hour of downtime starting at 9pm PDT on March 22th. Highfive desktop apps and devices will automatically update over the following 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores.

We’ve got some huge improvements and miscellaneous goodness in this update, including:  


  • To make sure we can best serve you, we’re expanding our live support hours to 7am PST to 5pm PST.  To accommodate for the extra hours, we are turning off our live video support feature for the time being. Support team members will still be available for live chat in-app
  • Resolved an issue where Dial-in callers would be dropped if all other participants were muted
  • Fixed an issue where a device would show in your Domain Dashboard as unconnected despite the device being in use
  • A number of bugs that lead to app crashes have been humanely disposed of

Highfive Device

  • Automatically reconnecting to a call on a Highfive device after getting disconnected is significantly smoother

Desktop App

  • Added a link to a help article if a user gets stuck in an update loop


  • You can now pinch to zoom on the video feed
  • Fixed an echo issue that would occur if navigated away from - and back to - the app
  • Improved handling of interruptions - you can now receive calls and alerts with no service interruptions!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause our iPad app to crash when changing your avatar
  • Iphone users who are visiting another company that uses Highfive will now have an easier time using that company's devices


  • Our Android app is graduating out of Beta and moving out on his own. *Sniff* We’re so proud

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