Release 1.39 (4/26)

Note: Product update release notes are posted about a week ahead of the release to alert you to tentative updates and bug fixes for that release. Currently, release notes are sent to a main contact at each company that uses Highfive. If you'd like to subscribe to our release notes, click here.

Highfive’s next update will arrive on 4/26/16. The only thing better than getting great customer feedback is shipping improvements that address that feedback. In this release we’re delivering three big improvements you asked for.

If you join a call, and someone else is using a Highfive device, we try to protect you from any echo issues by auto-muting your microphone and speakers. We’ve improved the experience by making the notification much more obvious. Also, guests from outside your Highfive domain will not be auto-muted.

You can expect no more than an hour of downtime starting at 9pm PDT on April 26th. Highfive desktop apps and devices will automatically update over the following 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores.

You also let us know that Highfive could handle low-bandwidth situations better, so we improved that too. Instead of showing you unintelligible, blocky video, we’ll stop transmitting video to focus on audio. When your connection improves, we’ll automatically bring the video back.

Lastly, we've added Germany, Canada, and Mexico to the list of supported international dial-in countries based on your requests.

Other updates in this release include:


  • Fixed an issue where email address with capital letters would cause SAML validation to fail

Desktop App

  • Resolved an issue where the browser wasn’t opening Highfive when downloading the app for the first time


  • Greatly improved joining a call from a link in your calendar or other apps -- tapping on a link takes you directly into the Highfive app, as opposed to opening a browser and then opening Highfive
  • The process of moving a call up to a Highfive device when the app only detects a single device is now the same as when it detects multiple devices -- the app will ask you to confirm your selection
  • Improved experience when trying to join a call in poor network conditions by adding a rejoin prompt
  • Calls on Highfive Premium Domains will now offer dial-in to all guest users
  • Guests in supported International countries will also be offered a local number
  • If you were having trouble logging in, you would see a Learn More button -- tapping this now actually takes you to a place where you can learn more
  • App should behave more reliably should you receive a phone call or FaceTime while on a Highfive call

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