FAQ: The Dolby Device

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dolby device.


Q: What are the product specifications for the Dolby device?

A: Please refer to our Dolby Device Product Specifications page for details.


Q: How can I purchase a Dolby device for my conference room?

A: Contact your Highfive Account Manager or call us at (844) 464-4445 (press 1 for Sales) to purchase a Dolby device.


Q: How can I get a demo of the Dolby device?

A: Contact your Highfive Account Manager or call us at (844) 464-4445 (press 1 for Sales) to schedule a demo.


Q: How much does a Dolby device cost?

A: Please refer to our Pricing page for details.


Q: What is so special about the Highfive video service with Dolby audio technology?

A: There are several unique advantages to the Highfive video conferencing service with Dolby audio technology:

  • Other video conferencing systems transmit an echo-cancelled, noise-reduced artificial sounding version of the audio captured at endpoints. Highfive now transmits the entire sound stage from an endpoint. This means if you are listening to a conference room with a main speaker and a side conversation, you will hear both at full-fidelity without any of the unpleasant artifice associated with conferencing and your ears will automatically tune into the sounds they need -- just as they do when you are physically in the conference room.
  • Highfive calls now transmit spatial, stereo audio. Other conferencing systems transmit mono audio.
  • Highfive calls now have improved handling of network issues.
  • Highfive calls now handle multiple participants talking at the same time more smoothly.


Q: How do I experience spatial audio?

A: Spatial and stereo audio output requires stereo speakers. You will hear this if you are either in a room with a Dolby device or if your computer/mobile phone has a good set of stereo speakers or headphones connected to it. For the best experience, we recommend using high-quality headsets or headphones if you’re connecting with a computer/mobile phone. Many laptops have built-in speakers that aren’t capable of stereo output or have the mic installed near one of the speakers, forcing the laptop to use only the other speaker.


Q: Why is spatial audio important?

A: Spatial audio augments the face-to-face Highfive experience and makes you feel like everyone in the call is physically together. By placing different callers at different locations on a virtual sound stage, it also provides an additional sensory clue to immediately identify who is speaking.

Finally, it improves your concentration in meetings because the brain can more easily listen to spatial audio that sounds just like real life (as opposed to tinny mono “conference call audio”), and frees it up for higher cognitive functions.


Q: I had saved my USB headset as the default device on my computer. After receiving the latest Highfive update, the Highfive app started using my built-in speakers and mic instead. Why?

A: You will need to re-set any preferences you had from before the update. To do this, click on the cogwheel icon in your self-view window, and select your desired audio device(s). Your selections will be saved and it will stay that way every time you open the Highfive application.


Q: How do I start a Highfive video call with my Dolby device?

A: You can start a normal Highfive video call on your personal device. The audio capture and playback will automatically be serviced by the Dolby device once you’re on the call.


Q: How do I end a Highfive video call with my Dolby device?

A: You can end a Highfive video call on your personal device. The audio will automatically disconnect from the Dolby device once you’re off the call.


Q: Can I use a Dolby device from another company with Highfive?

A: No, the device we sell ships with a special firmware required to pair with a Highfive device.


Q: What’s the best way to orient the Dolby device?

A: We recommend positioning the Dolby device with its touch-screen display pointing away from your TV. This will provide the most accurate spatial representation of the audio in your conference room. You can place the Dolby device anywhere in the room, as long as it’s within 25 feet (line of sight) of your Highfive device.


Q: Can the Dolby device make phone calls?

A: The Dolby device does not yet have the ability to make an outbound phone call. We’re working on this feature so please stay tuned by signing up for our Release Notes!


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