Who should you Highfive with? That’s easy - Everyone! Common use cases for Highfive.

Highfive Customers are always surprising with how they use Highfive. Here are some great ideas that they’ve come up with:

Highfive for Interviews
Phone screening is difficult - You’re only getting a superficial impression. With video, you can see how they present themselves, how confident they seem, and more. This saves valuable time in the hiring process.

Highfive for Troubleshooting
Customer Support is hard. Often you end up trading emails back and forth for days, when it could all be solved in a 15 minute phone conversation. Improve your customer satisfaction and resolution time by setting up Highfive calls.

Highfive for Portals
The most difficult part of making multiple offices feel like they’re part of the same team is that you can’t just run into them in the elevator, or at lunch. You can’t walk up to their desk and ask them a random question. By setting up two Highfive devices as a portal, you never know who will walk by and start up a conversation. Or, tell a coworker to meet you at the portal for an impromptu conversation.

Highfive for Sales
Sales is all about relationships, and it’s much easier to build relationships over video. You can see their body language and reactions as you talk about a new product or promotion. Our own sales team does most of their sales calls over video. The result is better relationships and shorter sales cycles.

Highfive for Training
In-person is the ideal scenario for training employees or customers, but it’s time consuming and expensive. With Highfive you get the benefits of in-person training, like real-time feedback and increased understanding, without having get on a plane.

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