A few simple ways to up your Highfive game

No More Cords!
Remember that with Highfive you can project your screen locally, or with a remote attendee all without cords. So forget plugging in your laptop and just open Highfive - you’ll be sharing your content in seconds.

Highfive Apps and Integrations
Highfive has apps for Google Calendar on Chrome, Slack, and iOS/Android, with Outlook support coming soon. Install these on your devices to make scheduling, and joining, Highfive calls even easier.

Invite your coworkers to use Highfive
Highfive customers get unlimited users, so you can use video to have better meetings with anyone. The people you invite to a meeting won't have to do anything ahead of time - we’ll help them install Highfive when they join their first meeting.

Schedule Meetings in Highfive Enabled Rooms
This sounds like a given, but meeting rooms with Highfive are much better than sitting around a laptop, hunched over in a circle. Try to schedule as many of your rooms in these meetings as possible.

Start with a weekly recurring meeting
It’s easiest to get your coworkers on board with Highfive calls by starting with a weekly team meeting. By strategically picking a meeting, and getting everyone to join with Highfive, it will be a lot easier to get in habit of using it for all meetings.


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