No Audio - I can't hear my meeting!

If you are not hearing any audio or sound from other participants when you are on a Highfive video call, follow the steps below.

I can't hear the call through my:


If you are unable to troubleshoot at the moment, dial into the meeting with your phone. The phone number and meeting code for your Highfive call is usually provided by the organizer of your meeting within a calendar event invitation. If you are already in the meeting, click on the Participants icon (top-left of the Highfive screen) and then the + button to get a dial-in phone number.

  • Turn your computer speaker volume up and make sure they are not muted.
  • Make sure the correct speakers are selected under your Windows or Mac Sound settings. Highfive will default to using this speaker or headphone device, so it is important that your system routes audio to the correct place.
  • In Highfive, go to your speaker settings by clicking on your self-view video feed (bottom-lefthand corner). Cycle through any available speaker options that you have until you hear audio from your call.
  • If you are using the Highfive desktop app to join your meeting, having a microphone on your computer is required, even if you only want to listen to your meeting and do not plan to speak. If you do not have a microphone, join using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (latest versions) instead. Highfive has an in-browser experience for these two browsers that does not require a microphone.
  • Check other websites and apps to see if you can hear audio from them. If their audio also does not work, try restarting your computer.
  • If you are using the Highfive desktop application, try joining your meeting using Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead, or vice versa if you are already using one of these browsers. Joining from Internet Explorer or Safari will download and install the Highfive desktop application, letting you know if the problem is isolated to one of these methods of joining your call.

Highfive device

  • Check your TV volume and make sure it’s turned up.
  • If you have external speakers connected to your Highfive unit, verify that they are turned on and the volume is up.

Dolby device

  • Check and turn the volume on the Dolby device up by tapping on the + button above the touch-screen display. 

Mobile Device

  • Turn up the volume on your mobile device.
  • If using a Bluetooth audio device, make sure it is paired successfully before using Highfive.

If you are still unable to hear any sound after following these steps, contact Highfive Support at

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