No Audio On A Highfive Video Call

If you are not hearing any audio or sound from other participants when you are on a Highfive video call, there are a few things you can check:




  1. Try using a different application, such as YouTube in your web browser, to see if your computer speakers are muted. If they are, unmute them from your computer's sound settings.
  2. Click the Settings cogwheel in the Highfive application, select the Speakers option, and verify that your speakers are selected.

  3. Make sure the Highfive application is not in a full-audio mute by toggling the Unmute All button or clicking Turn on in the popup letting you know that your speaker and microphone are currently inactive.



Highfive device

  1. Check your TV volume and make sure it’s turned up. If you have external speakers connected to your Highfive unit, verify that they are turned on and the volume is up.



Dolby device

  1. Check and turn the volume on the Dolby device up by tapping on the + button above the touch-screen display. 



Mobile Device

  1. Turn up the volume on your mobile device.
  2. If using a Bluetooth audio device, make sure it is paired successfully before using Highfive.

If you are still unable to hear any sound after following these steps, contact Highfive Support at


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