Outlook Add-In Missing on Windows

This Highfive add-in for Outlook is installed at the same time as the Highfive application.

  • Did you previously have the Highfive add-in for Outlook?
    If you have previously seen the Highfive add-in for Outlook and it has disappeared, check out our The Highfive Plugin/Add-in Has Disappeared In Outlook article.
  • Did you just install Office or Outlook for the first time?
    If you have the Highfive application and then install Outlook afterwards, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the Highfive application for the Outlook Add-in to function.
  • Are you using Outlook in your browser? The Highfive add-in will work only with the Outlook desktop application, not with the in-browser version of Outlook 365.


There are several components to how Outlook add-ins work. The following steps address the likely breaking points in the installation process.

  1. Verify your Highfive app installation. The Highfive add-in for Outlook is setup when the Highfive app is installed. Even if you use the browser for video conferences, you need to install the app to get the Highfive add-in for Outlook ready for use.
    • Click here to download and install the Highfive application for your computer.
  2. Run the add-in component installer. You can run the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) app directly.
    1. Uninstall the Highfive Outlook Add-In from your Control Panel.
    2. Navigate to C:\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Local\Highfive\OutlookAddIn\.
    3. Double-click the file named HighfiveOutlookPlugin.vsto to reinstall.
  3. Ensure essential Windows software is installed. For most systems, installing the Highfive add-in for Outlook will be successful. Some computer configurations may fail because they are missing one or more Microsoft components that enable the installation and use of the Highfive add-in for Outlook.

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users: If you don't have a browser window open before clicking on a Highfive meeting link within Outlook Calendar, you’ll be put into a Highfive application update loop. To fix this, open up a browser window first and then try clicking on the Highfive meeting link within your calendar afterwards. 

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