Dolby Device Is Disconnected


If you see the message Go to this URL to start a call ... on your Dolby LCD display screen, it means that the Highfive device the Dolby device is paired with is currently offline.


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify that the Highfive unit has power by looking at your TV screen. You should see the Highfive home page if your TV is on the correct HDMI input. If the Highfive device is off, check your power cables and their connections. 
  2. Check your ethernet connection. There should be 2 active network lights behind the Highfive device -- one flashing and one solid. 
  3. At this point, the Dolby unit's screen should indicate that it's paired with your Highfive device by displaying it's name. If it does not, restart the Highfive unit by tapping on the Reset button located behind the device. 
  4. Once the Highfive unit is back to it's Home page, your Dolby device will display the correct Highfive link and your device name on the screen.


If you are still seeing the incorrect "Go to this URL to start a call ..." message after following these steps, please feel free to contact Highfive Support at (844)464-4445 or email through the hours of 7am-5pm Pacific Time.

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