Dolby & Highfive Device Are No Longer Connected



If you see a ... on your Dolby touch-screen display where your Highfive link and device name used to be, it means that your Dolby and Highfive devices are no longer connected to each other.


While the Dolby device is in this state, it will not join automatically into your meetings and audio will output through your TV speakers instead.



Troubleshooting steps

  1. Restart the Highfive device by tapping the Reset button that is located behind the unit.
    • This will allow the Highfive device to attempt reestablishing a connection with the Dolby device over your network. Due to the way both devices communicate with one another, you should never need to restart the Dolby device for this type of issue. 
  2. Verify that the Highfive device is receiving power.
    • Upon restarting the Highfive device, the front light ring surrounding the camera lens and both network lights behind the unit will illuminate. You will also see a black/white Highfive logo on the TV screen. If you do not see these indications, check your power cables and their connections.
      • One good test to see if a power outlet is functioning properly is by plugging in another appliance or device that's laying around the office to see if it works, such as a laptop or mobile phone charger. 
  3. Once the Highfive device is done restarting and it's back on the home screen, verify that it is successfully paired with your Dolby device. 
    • Your Highfive link and device name should now appear on the Dolby device's touch-screen display. 
    • The bottom-righthand corner of your TV will display the Dolby Voice logo. 


If you are still having issues reconnecting your Dolby device, contact Highfive Support at to report the issue. 


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