Dolby Device Won't Power On


If you have a Dolby device that was previously working, but is no longer powering on, please contact Highfive Support at to report the issue. Otherwise, continue below.



Setting up your Dolby device


Your Dolby device requires a Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) connection. This type of connection supplies the Dolby device with both an internet connection and power, all using a single ethernet cable.


If your Dolby device does not receive a PoE-enabled connection, it will not power on. The device's touch-screen display will not turn on and it's top light ring will not illuminate.


  1. If you are confident that you have a PoE-enabled port in the conference room (or believe that you do) the best thing to do is contact your IT team or network administrator for assistance. These individuals have the most familiarity with your network and can check it's configuration to look for PoE-enabled ports to save you time. 
    • For example, it's not uncommon to have multiple ethernet ports in close proximity to one another, with only one or a few actually being PoE-enabled. Instead of testing on your own and potentially causing network issues at your site, getting in touch with an IT or networking professional will ensure your setup goes as smoothly as possible. 
  2. Once the Dolby device powers on, you can complete the Dolby setup by following these steps



But I don't have a PoE connection in my room...


No problem! You can:

  • Contact your Highfive Account Executive to purchase a PoE injector. This device connects between your Dolby device and currently existing ethernet port, supplying the connection with power.
  • Purchase a switch with PoE as a feature. The only requirements we have are to make sure it has 802.3af compatibility and can provide 13W of power. If you plan on connecting any other PoE devices in the future, it is a good idea to get a switch that can support the increased wattage requirements.



If your Dolby device is still not powering on after trying the steps above, please feel free to contact Highfive Support at


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