Windows: Application Magnification Controls

On certain high-resolution Windows devices, the Highfive application may not display properly when using Highfive. The issue occurs when the Display Scaling Factor (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "DPI"), is set greater than 100%.

To alleviate this, Highfive will automatically provide Windows devices with resolution settings greater than 1920x1280 (either way) an in-app feature that allows users to adjust the magnification, or scaling, of elements in the Highfive window. This will ensure that all buttons are easily accessible and incoming video feeds display correctly.




Troubleshooting Steps:

Click on the + or - magnification control buttons (located in the upper-lefthand side of the Highfive app window) until the text, buttons, and icons in the Highfive app reach your desired size.




If you are still having issues seeing the Highfive application window properly after following these steps, please contact and report this issue to Highfive Support at (844)464-4445 or email through the hours of 7am-5pm Pacific Time.


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