Using The Slack Integration

Important: Your company's Slack configuration will need to be updated to use Highfive's Slack integration. A Highfive administrator can use these steps to complete that preparation: Integrating Slack with Highfive.

Integrating Highfive with Slack allows you to:

  • Initiate a Highfive meeting from Slack by dropping a Highfive video call invitation into a Slack channel or DM with a user without leaving Slack.
    • By using the Slack Calls phone button.
    • By using a dedicated /highfive command.
  • Invite slack users and channels from inside an ongoing Highfive meeting.

Initiate a Highfive Meeting From Slack

Using Slack Calls

Are you chatting with someone in Slack and want to move the conversation to a Highfive video call? You can do that with the Slack Calls phone feature.

Note: This feature requires additional configuration by your Slack Admin before it can be used. Instructions are available here.

  1. Open Slack and enter a group channel or direct chat.
  2. Click the Slack Calls button
  3. You will automatically join a Highfive meeting. Your Slack username will be the name of the Highfive meeting. If you use this feature in a public Slack channel, the call will instead be named after the channel.
  4. Guests can choose to the meeting with video or by phone for an audio-only experience.

Using the /highfive Slash Command

From within a Slack channel or direct chat:

  1. Type /highfive followed by a space and the name of the meeting you wish to create.
    Note: /highfive is the default slash command for the integration. Your Highfive Admin can customize this slash command for your organization.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Highfive! You and the individual(s) that you're chatting with on Slack can click on the same link to join the Highfive video call you've created.

Inviting Slack Channels And Users From Highfive

Forgot to invite someone to your Highfive call or decided you needed them to join last-minute? You can invite your colleagues by sending them a Slack message to join your call from Highfive!

  1. While in a Highfive call, click the plus (+) button to open the Invite panel.
    Note: If the integration has not been set up for your organization already, complete these steps:
    1. Click Add Slack.
    2. Complete the Slack sign-in.
    3. Click Authorize to finish setup.
  2. In the Invite People text field, start typing out the name of your Slack user or channel, then choose the one you want.
  3. Click the Send Invite button.
  4. An invitation will appear in a direct message for that user or in the channel that notifies people they can join the in-progress meeting.

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