Using The Slack Integration



Important: In order to use Highfive's Slack integration, it will need to be configured and enabled for your company first. Your Highfive administrator can follow the steps outline here to complete this: Integrating Slack with Highfive 


The Slack integration allows you to:

  • Invite Slack channels and users to a meeting while in Highfive.
  • Drop a Highfive video call invitation into a Slack channel or DM with a user without leaving Slack.



Inviting From Highfive


Forgot to invite someone to your Highfive call or decided you needed them to join last-minute? You can invite your colleagues by sending them a Slack message to join your call from Highfive!


  1. While in a Highfive call, click the + button to open the Invite panel.
    • If it is your first time using the Slack integration from Highfive, you will need to click Add Slack.


    • Next, you'll be taken through the Slack sign-in flow.

    • Click the Authorize button to complete the process.

  2. In the Invite People text field, start typing out the name of your Slack user or channel.
  3. Select the auto-populated user or channel you wish to invite.
  4. Click the Send Invite button. 


  5. The user or channel that you have invited will receive a message similar to the following:

  6. To join your meeting, your invitee(s) simply needs to click on the name of your call. 



Inviting from Slack


Currently chatting with someone in Slack and want to get on a Highfive video call with them instead? You can use a simple Slack "slash command" to immediately create a Highfive meeting link you both can join!


  1. Open Slack and enter a group channel or direct chat.

  2. Type /highfive followed by a space and the name of the meeting you wish to create.

    Note: /highfive is the default slash command that we provide in our instructions to set up the Slack integration. If it does not work, check with your Highfive Admin as they may have used something different.

  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Highfive! You and the individual(s) that you're chatting with on Slack can click on the same link to join the Highfive video call you've created.


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