"Allow" Button Does Not Appear In Chrome


In order to use Highfive in-browser with Chrome, you will need to allow Highfive to access your webcam and microphone (even if you only plan on listening or watching). 


Normally, this notification appears and you can click Allow. If you do not see this pop-up, follow the steps below. 


Is Highfive being blocked by Chrome? 

  1. Look at the end of your Chrome address bar for a red camera or microphone icon and click on it. If you do not see this, skip to the next section below. 

  2. Select the Always allow option to let Highfive access the device in question. 

  3. Click Done to save your settings and join the meeting. 



A known Windows display bug with Chrome

  1. On certain versions of Windows, Chrome may not display all pop-ups as expected on external displays. 

  2. To fix this, resize the Chrome browser tab and make it smaller or larger. 

  3. The "Allow" notification will appear. 





If you are still unable to join your Highfive meeting after performing the steps above, please contact the Highfive Support team at help@highfive.com.


Brian Huynh -

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