No Video from Camera on Windows


This article applies to Windows users who cannot send video to others when using Highfive. For the impacted user, this is characterized by the following:

  • Other participants see a blank black screen instead of a video feed
  • Clicking "Enable" camera in the Highfive app does not resolve the problem
  • The following icon being displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the Highfive window
    • Screen_Shot_2019-07-30_at_10.28.53_AM.png


  1. If you are using an external USB camera, disconnect and reconnect it from your computer, and then rejoin your meeting. If you have an alternate USB camera or cable to use, give them a try to see if your current one may be faulty. 
  2. Make sure there is no physical camera privacy cover that is obstructing your camera lens. For laptop users, there may also be a sliding camera switch or button on your laptop that can disable your camera and block Highfive's access to it.
  3. Check and see if your camera works with any other applications.
    • If your camera works in other apps, you are likely running into a security or permissions issue that prevents Highfive from accessing your camera. Work with your IT team or desktop administrator to review your Windows user profile, antivirus, camera driver, and general computer settings for anything that may block Highfive's access to your camera.
    • If your camera does not work in other apps, you may be dealing with a system or camera problem. Try restarting your computer as a quick troubleshooting step. If the problem persists, contact your IT team or desktop administrator for assistance. They will be able to review your Windows user profile, antivirus, camera driver, general computer settings, and can help determine if your camera is faulty.

Windows 10 users - See additional Microsoft documentation here to make sure the Highfive desktop application or Google Chrome (for Highfive in-browser users) have the ability to access your camera. If you are unsure how to do this or do not have access to check the referenced settings, contact your IT team or desktop administrator for assistance.

Lenovo users - See additional documentation here to make sure your camera's Privacy Mode is disabled. If you are unsure how to do this or do not have access to check the referenced settings, contact your IT team or desktop administrator for assistance.

If you need guidance or have tried the steps above and still cannot get your camera to work with Highfive, please report this issue to the Highfive Support team at Providing a description of the steps you've attempted, their outcomes, and any other observations you have will be helpful with the troubleshooting process.

Lenovo's Camera Privacy Mode

If enabled, Lenovo's Camera Privacy Mode will stop video from being captured and sent by your camera. Here is how to check for and disable it:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Type out/search for Lenovo Vantage and open the application.

  3. Open Hardware Settings and select Audio/Visual.

  4. Scroll down to Camera Privacy Mode and note the setting it's on.

  5. If the setting is ON, switch it to OFF and try using Highfive again.

  6. If the Privacy Mode slider keeps changing back to ON by itself, check for an option on your laptop to manually enable it. Some laptops may have a physical switch or button, like the one illustrated below.

    Privacy Mode ON (camera blocked):

    Privacy Mode OFF (camera enabled):


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