Whiteboard With Highfive Premium

The Highfive Premium plan includes the ability to give remote attendees a head-on view of the whiteboard in your room, even if the whiteboard is angled or at the back of the room. 


Whiteboard Setup 

  1. On your Dolby Conference Phone, tap and hold the Highfive icon for 3 seconds to open the Dolby Voice Room Admin Settings menu. 
  2. Scroll down and select the Whiteboard Setup option.
  3. Tap and drag the center/corners of the whiteboard on your Dolby Conference Phone until it fits around the whiteboard displayed on the TV.
  4. Once complete, tap the checkmark to save your settings. 
  5. Highfive! You're done with setting up your Whiteboard feature. You can quickly toggle back and forth between the Whiteboard view and the attendees in the room by tapping the Whiteboard button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The video feed from the whiteboard looks choppy. Why does this happen?

This is normal and by design. Highfive slows the video frame rate in Whiteboard mode to get a more readable feed of your whiteboard.

Can I zoom in/out while using the Whiteboard feature?

No, this is not a Whiteboard feature at the moment. Please let the Highfive Support team know if you would like to see this in the future. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Are there size limitations for the whiteboard?

There is no maximum size limitation, as long as the whiteboard is captured in the camera view. The minimum size is 15% of the screen's resolution (1080p). 

Do I need to set the Whiteboard feature up again every time I want to use it? 

No, the whiteboard view only needs to be set up once, unless the whiteboard or DVR Camera is moved to a different location.

Will the Whiteboard feature work on chalkboards or boards that are not white?


Will the Whiteboard feature work on non-rectangular boards?

This feature is designed for rectangular whiteboards, which may appear as trapezium shapes when viewed from an angle. Other shapes are currently not supported.

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