Highfive Premium Room: Meeting Controls

During a call using the Highfive Premium Room, there are a few features you can utilize: adding a phone caller, changing the zoom level, the whiteboard function, and Dual-screen.   

Camera Zoom Options

  • Full-Screen captures the whole room.
  • Auto capture uses the computer vision technology for the 4K wide-angle camera to automatically frame the video capture to where the people are in the room and can adjust as they move.  This setting is automatically turned off. In order to configure this option here
  • Manual capture lets you set the field of view (FOV) by simply moving the rectangle to the desired area and adjusting the corners to resize the FOV. 

Meeting Dual-Screen Support

The Highfive Premium Room has the option of 2 TV inputs.  This configuration allows up to 6 remote participants' camera feed on a meeting. The feeds will be prioritized to the current and most recent speakers (see 3-up article for details).

You can share content on one TV while keeping a video feed from remote attendees on a second TV. Simply share your screen. No additional configuration needed.  

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