SIP Interoperability and FAQ

SIP-enabled video conferencing systems can join Highfive meetings. 


This feature is included with Highfive Enterprise plans and can be added to the following grandfathered plans: Standard, Professional, Professional Plus, and Premium Unlimited. Customers on the Essential, Teams, or SMB plans must upgrade to an Enterprise plan for this feature.


Check out our SIP Interoperability Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.


How do I…


How do I add a SIP URI to my call?

  1. Use the Highfive Outlook add-in, Google Calendar extension, or scheduling function in the Highfive app to schedule a Highfive meeting. Click here to learn more about these features.
  2. Click Add SIP URI.
  3. Save your changes and send out your invitation.


How do I join a call with a SIP endpoint as a Guest user?

  1. Find the SIP URI included from your Highfive meeting invitation (will look like
  2. Call the SIP URI link using your SIP video conferencing system.
  3. Your host will be notified that you’re in the waiting room. You will join the call after they let you in.


How do I join a call with a SIP endpoint as a logged-in Highfive user?

  1. Join a call through your Highfive app.
  2. Click Move to TV once you’re in the call.
  3. Click Use your SIP room system.
  4. Enter the displayed SIP URI into your SIP video conferencing system to join the call without having to wait in the waiting room.




What is a SIP URI?

When scheduling a Highfive meeting, you can include a SIP URI in your calendar event invitation. The SIP URI is a meeting address formatted similar to an e-mail address that can be input into older video conferencing systems to join your Highfive meetings.


Can I edit my SIP URI?

We advise that you rely on our calendar extensions to do this for you. When you change the meeting link using the “Change meeting name” function in the Google calendar extension, it automatically updates both meeting links and SIP URI links. If you do change the meeting link manually, change the meeting name in the SIP URI to match.


Can I use the SIP feature to move my Highfive calls up to other video conferencing systems?

Yes. Click the "Use your SIP room system" button accessed via the “Move to TV” button in the Highfive app to generate a temporary SIP URI for your meeting. Dial this link from your SIP room system to transfer your call to the SIP room system and turn your Highfive app into a remote control for the meeting.


What SIP devices can I use for Highfive calls?

In general, any SIP device that supports the following codes should be able to make Highfive calls:

  • Video: H.264
  • Audio: Opus, G.722.1, or G.722

We’ve tested and confirmed the following devices can call into Highfive meetings:

  • Cisco SX series
  • Cisco DX series
  • Polycom Real Presence Debut
  • Polycom Real Presence Group series
  • Lifesize

Some older SIP-capable devices may require a firmware update from the manufacturer to enable the newer codec technologies. Please consult your vendor's documentation to see if an update is available, and for instructions on how to update your SIP device.


What are the network requirements for SIP devices to connect to Highfive calls?

SIP devices must be able to access public SIP servers via the standard SIP ports (i.e. 5060 for TCP and 5061 for TLS). SIP devices must be able to exchange media over UDP on unprivileged ports negotiated via SIP signaling or ICE.


Are the SIP legs of Highfive calls encrypted?

We support SRTP encryption for the SIP legs of Highfive calls if signaling is encrypted via TLS. If the SIP endpoint supports SRTP and TLS (and has both enabled), the SIP legs of those calls will be encrypted.


Have any questions regarding SIP interoperability? Contact the Highfive Support team at for assistance. 


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