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Users signing into Highfive with Google or Office 365 will have an in-app calendar. This calendar will show all events for the day and Highfive meetings can be clicked on to join. 


Setup and Use

  1. Log into Highfive using Google or Office 365. This will sync your Google or Outlook Calendar events with Highfive. Click here to learn more about logging into Highfive.
  2. Your calendar events will be displayed at the bottom of the Highfive home screen. You can always get to this screen by opening the Highfive app or going to start.highfive.com.
  3. Events with a camera icon next to the event time are Highfive meetings. You can click on these events to join.
  4. Can't click on an event? This means the event does not include a Highfive meeting link and the camera icon will be missing. Using our calendar integration to add a meeting link to the event will fix this. Click here to learn more.


The calendar let's me join meetings, but can I schedule meetings from Highfive?

Yes! Click here to learn more.

I see events, but I can't click on them to join my meeting. Why is that?

The event does not include a Highfive meeting link in the body of the event. (See step 4 above to learn how to fix this.)

Having trouble with the Highfive in-app calendar? Reach out to the Highfive Support team at help@highfive.com for assistance.  

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