Setting Up Your Highfive Premium System With A Detached Dolby Conference Phone


To minimize complexity, Highfive recommends a direct connection between your Dolby Voice Hub and Dolby Conference Phone. The Dolby Voice hub provides your Dolby Conference Phone with power, as well as a network connection. 


However, in conference rooms where a direct connection between both devices is not possible or desired, you can connect the Dolby Voice hub to one ethernet port and the Dolby Conference Phone to a separate one. 



  • Although the final result will be a detached configuration, a portion of the setup will require a direct Dolby Voice Hub-to-Conference phone connection. 
  • The Dolby Conference Phone requires a Power-over-Ethernet (“PoE”) port to provide both power and network connectivity to the device. If a PoE port is not available, you can:
    • Contact your Highfive Account Executive to purchase a PoE injector. This device connects between your Dolby conference phone and currently existing ethernet port, supplying the connection with power.
    • Purchase a switch with PoE as a feature. Make sure it has 802.3af compatibility and can provide 13W of power. If you plan on connecting any other PoE devices in the future, it is a good idea to get a switch that can support the increased wattage requirements.
  • The PoE port you wish to use needs to be on the same subnet and VLAN as the Dolby Voice Hub.
  • The Dolby Conference Phone needs to be within 25 feet (line-of-sight) of the Highfive device.



  1. Set up your Highfive Premium room using the default attached configuration: Instructions Here
  2. Once fully set up, unplug the Dolby Conference Phone from the Dolby Voice Hub. 
  3. Plug the Dolby Conference Phone into the desired ethernet port in your conference room.
    • Important: The port you use must meet the requirements listed above.


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Having trouble setting up your Highfive Premium system with a detached Dolby Conference Phone configuration? Reach out to the Highfive Support team at for assistance.  


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