Static Phone Number Feature Overview - Highfive Dial-in

This article provides an overview of Highfive's static phone number feature. You can preview the list of phone numbers used by Highfive

How it Works

When any meeting is scheduled using Highfive's Google or Outlook Calendar integrations, a static dial-in phone number and meeting code for the meeting will automatically be included in the event's description field. Static_PSTN_-_Calendar_Event_PIN.png

Participants who want to join by phone can dial the number shown, followed by the meeting code. If the dial-in number (with appended meeting code) is tapped from a mobile phone, the meeting code will automatically be keyed in for the user, making it very easy to join meetings from a mobile phone.

The meeting code allows participants to join the Highfive meeting automatically. They will not be placed in the waiting room.

This phone number and meeting code will not change and can be used again and again for recurring meetings. If needed, the meeting code can be revoked and invalidated by a Highfive Admin. (See Revoking Meeting Codes.)

To learn more about other ways participants can join by phone, click here.

Note: If you have an Outlook-created meeting with a meeting code link that was created before 2/09/2019, callers may have an issue joining the meeting if the meeting name link includes any characters that aren't A-Z, 0-9, or the hyphen (dash). Characters like underscores, periods, commas, and other punctuation marks cannot be used in meeting links. Creators of older meeting links should edit their meeting names so the meeting codes will work again.

Revoking Meeting Codes

Highfive Admins can revoke meeting codes to make them invalid. Common reasons for revoking a meeting code include: removing dial-in access for a participant who is no longer with the company, or when there are changes a meeting's invitee list.

To Revoke a Meeting Code:

  1. Log in as a Highfive Admin and navigate to your Highfive Domain Dashboard. If you are a Highfive User without sufficient permission to access the page, ask a Highfive Admin for assistance.
  2. Select Meeting Codes from the Settings menu.
  3. Select the meeting you will be revoking the meeting code for. If there are multiple instances of the same meeting name, you can find the right one by searching for the meeting code that is provided in the calendar event invitation. In this example, the meeting code is 4395-11-6669.
  4. Click Revoke Meeting Code. The code will be invalidated and no longer work. 
  5. To view meeting codes that have been revoked, click Active from the drop-down menu and select Revoked as your filter.

Known Issues

  • Dial tones muted: Mobile phone users who have their dial pad tone sounds muted will hear silence instead of their meeting code being automatically keyed in. The lack of sound may give the impression that something is wrong, but users will still join successfully. This can be fixed by enabling dial tone sounds in the phone's settings. 
  • Inputting wrong meeting code: Users entering in the wrong meeting code will hear a recorded message informing them the code is invalid. A follow-up message will be played asking the user to re-enter the meeting code correctly, but the user's attempt will fail, even if the code is correct. We recommend that the user hangs up and dials back in while we work on fixing this. 



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