How to Make Meetings Private When Using Highfive Calendar Extensions

With the Tap-To-Join feature scheduled meeting can now be shown on the Dolby Audio Device. In order to keep the meeting links from showing to uninvited parties on the invite or on the Highfive devices , make sure the invites have the meeting set to private. We also suggest to use unique meeting links instead of the default meeting link (your name). 

For Google Calendar:

When scheduling a meeting simply select Private for the visibility setting from the drop down menu.

For Office 365:

When scheduling a meeting simply check mark the box that says Private

For Outlook Desktop With An Office 365 Account:

When scheduling a meeting simply click on the Lock icon. 

The Dolby Audio Device will show Reserved for the time slot, and the Tap-To-Join feature will be disabled. You must start the meeting from your own device to use the Highfive equipped TV. 

If you have a Highfive Premium Room, the TV will also show Reserved.

If you have any questions or issues regarding this, please contact the Highfive Support team at

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