Highfive Premium: Mounting The Camera To A Ceiling

Some conference rooms are outfitted with a projector. Hanging the camera from the ceiling may make the most logistical sense for the physical room setup in some cases.  At this time Highfive does not have any specific hardware designed to be mounted for a drop-ceiling setup. That being said, arranging a drop-ceiling layout is possible with a couple extra steps.

First we must consider the placement of the Premium Hub itself. The Premium Camera Hub is the piece where the camera, Ethernet cables, AC power and HDMI cables are connected.

You can place this hub above the tile and have all the cables running above the tile. On the bottom of the Highfive Premium Hub, there are some holes designed for hanging the device vertically. We do not recommend mounting the hub up-side down from the ceiling.  We do recommend running a USB cable down to connect the hub to the camera itself and use a wall mount (click here for example). 

After the desired physical camera setup is complete, you may need to invert the image so the camera is showing an upright camera feed.  In order to do this you can follow these steps:

1. Go to your domain dashboard to obtain the current IP address of your Premium camera.
2. Open a chrome browser and enter the IP address (computer connected must be under the same network as the Premium Camera to access the Dolby Admin Portal).
3. You will likely get a notification saying this is not a private connection, click Advanced and Proceed.
4. Enter Admin for username and 1739 for password to enter Dolby Admin Portal. This may be different depending if your organization has changed the default password.
5. Go to Dolby Voice Camera and toggle Flip Image Vertically on, and select Save.

After this you will be good to go! Next time when you use the camera, the image will be flipped.

You can see other mounting options for the Highfive Premium Room here.  

Having trouble setting up your Highfive Premium system? Reach out to the Highfive Support team at help@highfive.com for assistance.  

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