Setup Assistant Feature Overview

First time joining a Highfive meeting? You can use the Setup Assistant to make sure your microphone, speakers, and camera are working properly!

Not your first time? You can force the Setup Assistant to appear again by adding ?setup_assistant=true to the end of your meeting link.


How it works

  1. The Setup Assistant will only appear as an option the first time you join a Highfive meeting. You can choose to skip the Setup Assistant and join your call at any point in time during the process.
  2. Audio will be checked first by capturing a quick recording of your voice and playing it back to you. If this is successful, your speakers and microphone are working properly and you will be taken to a screen to check your camera.
  3. If you cannot hear your recording, the Setup Assistant will try determining if the problem is caused by your speaker or microphone settings. 
    • Speakers - A ticking sound will be played out loud. If you do not hear it from your speakers, you will be brought to a screen displaying all speaker options detected by your computer. Click through and select the speaker option that lets you hear the ticking sound.
    • Microphone - All available microphones detected by your computer will be listed below a Mic Volume indicator bar. You will need to select the microphone option that shows audio activity, causing the bar to move up and down.
  4. If you are unable to hear the ticking sound after cycling through your speaker choices or see any activity from any of your microphones, the following options will appear:
    • Call Me - Input your phone number to call yourself and join the meeting from your phone as a workaround. 
    • Chat with Highfive Support - A chat box with the Highfive Support team will also open with a templated message describing your issue. Sending the message will report the problem and initiate a chat conversation.

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