Some application windows are not selectable when screen sharing on Windows 10




Highfive currently offers two screen sharing modes: Entire screen or Pick a window or tab



There are no known issues when selecting Entire screen.


When choosing Pick a window or tab, some apps will not appear on the list of windows to choose from. Examples of windows that will not be selectable in this mode include:

  • Invisible windows
  • Minimized windows
  • Windows with no title
  • UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app windows


UWP apps


In general, UWP apps are downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store. (Click here to learn more.) Some common UWP apps that might be used in a workplace environment include:

  • Dropbox
  • EasyMail
  • OneNote
  • TeamViewer




This issue is caused by the way Windows 10 reports selectable application windows to any screen sharing service that uses the Chromium application wrapper, like Highfive. We cannot fix this directly, but will make improvements within Highfive whenever possible.


As a workaround, you can choose the Entire screen option when sharing your screen. 



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