Conference Room & Hardware Setup Guide

Here at Highfive, we make our hardware super easy to get up and running. This guide will help you implement our system in your conference room.

Table of contents:

Connection Requirements


In most cases, Highfive requires no additional network configuration to connect successfully; however, you will run into setup, connectivity, or quality issues if the Highfive network requirements are not met.

For a great setup and meeting experience, make sure your network configuration meets the minimum network requirements outlined in our Network and Device Requirements article. Be sure to check out our network optimization steps too!


Your physical connection requirements will depend on the Highfive system you are setting up. Please note that we do not support wireless connections for our hardware at this time and you will need to use a hardwired Ethernet connection for any Highfive system.

 Be sure to Enable HDMI-CEC for your TV, making it easier to use the Highfive camera. 

Find your subscription below to see a checklist of it's physical connection requirements:

Highfive Select





  • 1 power outlet


  • 1080p or 4K TV with an available HDMI port

Highfive Plus





  • 1 power outlet
  • If you will be using a PoE injector or switch to power your Dolby conference phone, another power outlet will be needed


  • 1080p or 4K TV with an available HDMI port

Highfive Premium




  • 1 power outlet


  • 1080p or 4K TV with an available HDMI port
  • Optional: Connect a second TV for a dual-screen experience

Room Setup/Camera Mounting

Your Highfive camera can be positioned in a variety of different ways. For more details, select the system you're setting up below:

If you are using a Dolby conference phone, we recommend placing it in the middle of your room. The microphones within the device best captures audio within a radius of 20 feet and this will allow remote participants to experience the full effect of spatial audio capture. Information about spatial audio can be found in our Dolby conference phone FAQ here.

Naming Devices For the First Time

After you have your Highfive system positioned and plugged in, it's time to name it.

Follow the steps below to name your system and complete the setup process. Please note, your system may go through a software update during these steps. This is normal and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Go to in your browser. If you are not signed into your Highfive account, you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Find the device setup code displayed on your TV and enter it into the setup code box in your browser.
  3. Input your desired name for the Highfive system.
    • Note: If you are on the Highfive Plus subscription, connect your Dolby conference phone next and follow the instructions on the phone's touch-screen display. There is no need to name the Dolby conference phone since it will pair with your Highfive camera.
  4. Although you are technically done setting your system up, clicking Meet with an expert is highly recommend! You will be connected to a member of the Highfive Support team who will be able to make sure everything is working properly and answer any questions you may have.

Setting Up Integrations with Highfive

For a smooth and more immersive user experience, we recommend setting up any Highfive integrations that apply to your organization and services you already use.  

 Show Meetings On your Dolby Conference Phone


We support the following providers:

Ready to set up an integration? Get started at your Highfive Admin Dashboard here:

If you have any questions or issues regarding the setup of your conference room, please contact the Highfive Support team here


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