Office 365 and Large Lists of Room Resources

Due to the lack of a rooms list parsing function when contacting an O365 Exchange server when retrieving lists of room numbers, it may be necessary to organize rooms into groups of 100 items or fewer to get the complete list for assigning Highfive devices to those rooms. A list of over 100 items cannot be retrieved remotely based on the current implementation of O365.

These allocations can be done using Exchange or the Azure Cloud UIs with PowerShell. Microsoft's article about Room mailboxes support documentation.

Highfive has prepared the following template for use by Exchange and Azure admins to allocate rooms using scripts.

Step 1: Create Resource Lists

The room lists need to be created before assigning rooms to the list. This template shows how to start your lists.

New-DistributionGroup -Name "Building 100" -RoomList
New-DistributionGroup -Name "Building 200" -RoomList
  • "Building 100" is the name of a room list being created, so use whatever works for your site(s).

Step 2: Add Room Resources to Resource Lists

After room lists are created, assign rooms to the lists. When parsed into lists of 100 or fewer rooms, the Azure or Exchange server will then allow retrieving a list of all rooms in all lists. The following template shows how to assign rooms to a specific list. 

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "Building 100" -Member <Roommailbox(>
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "Building 200" -Member <Roommailbox(>
  • "Building 100" is the name for the resource list created in Step 1.
  • <Roommailbox(> is the e-mail address for the room resource.

Assigning Highfive Devices to Room Resources

Aside from the benefits of adding Highfive rooms to your event scheduling in Outlook, you can also do the following: 

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