Highfive Meeting Connector

The Highfive Meeting Connector feature lets you join meetings hosted by other video conferencing providers.

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This feature allows you to join meetings that you are invited to, hosted by other video conferencing providers, using your Highfive room system.

Some ways you can use this feature:

  • Join meetings hosted by providers like BlueJeans, WebEx, or Zoom on your Highfive-equipped TV, using your computer.
  • If you have set up your Google or Office 365 room resources with Highfive, you can also join the meeting directly from your Dolby conference phone. (Plus and Premium plan only.)



I want to join the meeting from:

Join from my computer

  1. Locate and copy the SIP link within the calendar invitation that was sent to you by the meeting's organizer. How this looks will vary from provider to provider.
    • Hint: SIP links generally follow this format: abc123@company.vc
      • Example:
  2. Open Highfive.
  3. Click Join meeting.
  4. Paste the SIP link into the text field.
  5. Click Join.
    • Note: If you are unable to join because encryption is required, add sips: to the beginning of your SIP link. Example: sips:abc123@company.vc
  6. Join on TV by typing out the name of your Highfive system. Once it populates, select it to join the meeting on your TV. You can also click Join on Laptop to join from your computer, but in most cases it is recommended that you instead use the other video conferencing provider's own software, if you're not going to use a Highfive-equipped TV.
  7. Once you join the meeting, you will see a limited set of the Highfive call controls and features, with the addition of a dialpad. The dialpad can be used to send commands to the other video conferencing provider's meeting. The functions available through the dialpad will depend on the video conferencing service you've connected to. Here are some examples:

User interface when joining on TV


User interface when joining on laptop


Join from a Dolby conference phone

  1. If not already set up, work with a Highfive Admin to make your room events show on your Dolby conference phone. Select your calendaring app below for setup instructions:
  2. Book your room using the calendar event invitation. This will send the meeting and connection details to the Dolby conference phone in the room.
    • If you have permission to edit and update the event that includes the other video conferencing information, this is straightforward. Simply open the event in your calendar, add the room to it, and save the event. The meeting will be displayed on your Dolby conference phone. 
      • Hint: Some calendar systems require the room to be included as a "Resource" in order to correctly reserve it.
      • Hint: Some configurations of Microsoft Exchange/Outlook allow you to forward an outside calendar event invitation to a mailbox for a room. In order for the room to accept the invitation, an additional setting called "ProcessExternalMeetingMessages" needs to be set to true. See the Office 365 - Outlook Calendar setup instructions for more information.
    • If you received a calendar event invitation, but do not have the ability to edit it, you will need to create your own new separate calendar event in order to reserve the room.
      • Create a brand new event in your calendar and fill out the required fields, like event name, time, and attendees. 
      • Copy the event description that was originally sent to you, including the SIP link. Paste those details into the description field of the new event you've created.
      • Include your room and save the event. This will display the meeting on your Dolby conference phone.
  3. Tap on your meeting name.
  4. If the meeting body from the room's calendar includes a SIP link from another video conferencing provider, you will be able to tap on Join meeting
  5. Once you've joined the meeting, the dialpad on your Dolby conference phone can be used to send commands to the other video conferencing provider's meeting. The functions available through the dialpad will depend on the video conferencing service you've connected to. Here are some examples:


What is a SIP link or SIP URI?

A SIP link, also known as a SIP Universal Resource Identifier (SIP URI), is a meeting link formatted similar to an e-mail address. It can be input into Highfive to join a meeting.

How a SIP link looks will vary from provider to provider, but they generally follow this format: abc123@company.vc

I don't see a SIP link within my meeting invitation. What do I do?

You will need to contact the organizer of the event, so they can assist you by adding one. Each meeting service has a different procedure for enabling SIP links, which may only be available at certain paid account levels.

How can Highfive tell what is and isn't a SIP link?

Any meeting name that contains the @ character is assumed to be a SIP link. We also detect well-known video conferencing service SIP link formats, including links that end with popular top-level domains.

What other video conferencing providers does Highfive interoperate with?

Highfive will be able to join most meetings that can provide a SIP link. So far, we have tested this feature with the following providers:

  • WebEx
  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans 

Please note that not all service plans from other meeting providers provide the capability of a SIP link. Highfive can only join meetings that provide a SIP link.

Are the SIP legs of Highfive calls encrypted?

We support SRTP encryption for the SIP legs of Highfive calls if signaling is encrypted via TLS. If the SIP endpoint supports SRTP and TLS (and has both enabled), the SIP legs of those calls will be encrypted.

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