Screen Sharing - Content Does Not Update When Sharing Certain Application Windows


  • This issue applies to all Windows 10 users.
  • When clicking Share screen and choosing to present to certain application windows, other participants will see your screen. However, subsequent updates to the screen like scrolling up and down, editing the page, or changing presentation slides will not be seen. Instead, your audience will continue to see the first frame that was shared initially.
    • Some applications we've observed this behavior on include:
      • Microsoft Office applications, like Powerpoint, Excel, or Word
      • Internet Explorer
  • This behavior can also be triggered if: 
    • The shared window is moved in a way that places any part of it off-screen.
    • Another window is moved in front of the shared window. 
    • The shared window is set to full-screen mode. 
  • This issue does not occur when sharing the entire screen instead. 


  1. Share your entire screen instead of only the application window. 
  2. We will inform you once this is fixed or improved via the Highfive Release Notes. You can subscribe to email updates here:

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