Screen Sharing - Application Windows Created After Screen Share Selector Is Opened Are Not Visible


  • This issue applies to Windows and Mac users who join Highfive meetings using the Highfive desktop application.
  • When clicking Share screen and choosing Application Window, the Screen Sharing Selector will not show windows that are created after this point.   


  1. To prevent this issue from occurring again, open the window or application you want to share first, and then start sharing your screen in Highfive.
  2. Close the Screen Share Selector window and try again. This will refresh the application windows list. 
  3. Join your meeting using Google Chrome. This issue does not occur in our our Chrome in-browser experience and the list of available windows updates automatically. 
  4. We will inform you once this is fixed or improved via the Highfive Release Notes. You can subscribe to email updates here:

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