Automatic Speaker Unmute Feature Overview

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To help ensure you are able to hear your meetings, the Highfive desktop application will automatically unmute your computer speakers for you when you join a call. 

This feature applies to Windows and Mac users who join meetings using the Highfive desktop application. (This feature is not currently available for Highfive Chrome in-browser users.)

How It Works

  1. Mute your speakers and join a Highfive meeting using the Highfive desktop application.
  2. Upon joining, Highfive will automatically unmute your computer speakers. 
    • If you mute your speakers during a call, Highfive will never automatically unmute your speakers.
    • This feature only unmutes your speakers. It does not adjust your speaker volume level. If your volume was set to 0 prior to joining the call, you will not be able to hear it.


Can I disable this feature? 

This feature is hardcoded into the software, so you will not be able to toggle it on and off. If you do not want Highfive to unmute your speakers upon joining your meetings, we recommend using the Chrome in-browser experience instead. Alternatively, you can also mute your speakers after you have already joined your meeting.

Is this feature only available on Windows and Mac? 

Yes, this feature is currently only available on Windows and Mac, as these operating systems support the downloading and installation of the Highfive desktop application. 

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