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In version 2.78, we began rolling out a simpler way for anyone, including guests in your office, to wirelessly share their screen to a Highfive-equipped TV. 


Prior to this change, a guest wanting to share their screen to a TV would have needed to go to your organization's Highfive home screen, manually type the name of a Highfive room, enter in a verification code, and then pick a screen to present. The new procedure is shorter and is detailed below.



How It Works


Whether you are a Guest or logged-in Highfive user, sharing your screen to a TV only takes a few seconds. Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps:


  1. On your TV screen, you will see: followed by a code.
    • On Select and Plus Highfive systems, the link will be at the bottom of the screen.
    • On Premium systems, the link will be in the bottom-left corner of the screen. 
      • highfive_link_tv_code.png
    • For security purposes, codes will change every few minutes and will be valid for only 2 minutes after a new code is displayed.

  2. Go to the URL displayed on your TV.
    • You can enter in all at once in your web browser, as illustrated below.
      • Example: 

    • Alternatively, you can also go to and then input the code afterwards:
      • Example:

  3. The Highfive app will open. Select the content you wish to present.
    • Here are your options when using...
      • Google Chrome:
        Select the content you want to share first and then click the Share button. 
      • The Highfive app:

  4. Highfive! You are now sharing your screen to the TV.



Known Issues 

  • Guests or logged-in Highfive users outside of your domain will see full meeting controls (ex. Mute Me, Enable Camera, etc.) when using the feature. We will change this so they only have the option to click "Stop Sharing". You will be notified when this is resolved via the Highfive Release Notes.



Have any questions or issues? Please contact the Highfive Support team at for assistance. 



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