Cannot Enable Camera in Google Chrome on macOS 10.10.5




If you are running Google Chrome version 76+ on macOS 10.10.5 (or older), your Mac's built-in camera will not work with any service that requires your camera in Google Chrome. The end result is the inability to enable your camera when using Highfive.


This problem has been reported by various users to Google's community board. Example: Google Chrome Help




  1. The Highfive desktop application is not impacted by this issue. Change your Highfive account settings to use the desktop application instead by following these steps.
  2. Updating your Mac's operating system to the latest version will also resolve this. Instructions to do this can be found in Apple's help center and you can contact Apple Support for assistance with the procedure: How to update the software on your Mac


If you have performed all of the steps above and Google Chrome is still unable to detect your camera, please report the issue to Highfive Support at for further investigation. 


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