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The Moderated Meetings feature provides you with more control over other participants in larger meetings, such as “town hall” or “all-hands” meetings. For example, you can prevent call disruptions from a co-worker who has left their microphone and camera on while they’re in a crowded train station or noisy coffee shop. Moderated meetings are the only way to have large meetings with more than 150 participants.

With Moderated Meetings, Highfive has three roles for meeting participants:

  • Moderators - Participants who have the ability to ensure that only the appropriate people can speak, broadcast video, or share their screen to other participants in the meeting.
    • At the time of launch in April 2020, the Moderator controls are available only for in-browser and desktop app users. Moderators joining on Android, iOS will join as speakers and will not have moderator controls. Support for Moderator controls on mobile platforms is in our product plan.
  • Speakers - Participants who are given permission by a Moderator to participate in the meeting (i.e. they can speak, broadcast video, or share their screen).
  • Listeners - Everyone else in a call. Listeners can see and hear the meeting. They cannot speak, broadcast video, or share their screen. However, they can always use the "Raise Hand" button to ask for permission from the Moderator to participate.

In these moderated meetings, listeners that join after the first 100 participants will have a slightly delayed view of the meeting video and audio. In-meeting chat for all meeting participants is always in realtime. We recommend that speakers keep this slight delay in mind when presenting in the meeting so that listeners can reply in chat whenever there are questions and requests for feedback. In addition, after 100 participants have joined, the list of listeners is hidden in the participant panel. Speakers and moderators are still listed.

Listeners of the slightly delayed stream will not have a Show Everyone option available.

Due to a permissions-based participation model, Moderated Meetings are ideal for meetings where a small group of people will be broadcasting to a much larger audience. For meetings that are more conversational in nature, we recommend that you use an original (non-moderated) Highfive meeting.

How it Works

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Scheduling a meeting

Moderated Meetings work differently from original Highfive meetings in that you can only schedule them for later through Highfive. They cannot be created on-the-fly for an impromptu call like an original Highfive meeting.

Currently, you can only schedule a Moderated Meeting directly through Highfive using the Google Chrome in-browser client or Highfive desktop app (available for macOS and Windows).

Note: Scheduling a Moderated Meeting using the Google Calendar extension or Microsoft Outlook add-in is not supported at the moment. 

  1. Open Highfive and sign in, if prompted: Click Here
  2. Select Create Meeting.
  3. Click the Schedule for later tab.
  4. Check the Make this meeting moderated box.
  5. Set the start date and time of the meeting using the provided fields. Screen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_3.24.35_PM.png
  6. Click Schedule this meeting.
  7. Assign individuals as Speakers by typing their Highfive user name in the text field.
    • Only registered Highfive users under your domain will be searchable.
    • Guests outside of your domain can be added later and will default to being Listeners.
  8. Click Continue to moderator assignment.
  9. Since you’re scheduling the meeting, you will be automatically assigned as a moderator. Assign other people as moderators to help you out when the meeting is in progress.
    • To avoid the meeting not having any moderators available to start a meeting, we recommend making at least one (1) other person a moderator. 
    • Like Speakers, only registered Highfive users under your domain will be searchable.
  10. Click Schedule this meeting.
    • For users who have signed into Highfive with Google: Highfive will redirect you to a Google Calendar page where you can complete the rest of the invitation, such as inviting external Guests or booking meeting rooms.
    • For users who have signed into Highfive via email or Office 365: An .ics file will be downloaded to your computer. Open this file using Outlook to complete the rest of the invitation, such as inviting external Guests or booking meeting rooms.
  11. Highfive! Once you save your calendar event and send out the invitation, you're all done with scheduling.

Note for Highfive Add-on for Google Calendar users: If your invite includes guests, or if you modify your event to add guests, be sure to remove the meeting links Google will automatically add.

Managing meetings

You can manage Moderated Meetings that you have scheduled yourself or any other meeting where you've been assigned as a Moderator. Current management functions include renaming the meeting, updating the list of Moderators and Speakers, or deleting a meeting.

  1. Open Highfive and sign in, if prompted: Click Here
  2. Click on your profile button in the top-right corner of the window. 
  3. Click Moderated Meetings.
  4. Make any updates/changes you need to perform.

Important things to note:

  • The Moderated Meetings page can only communicate your changes to Highfive. This means it cannot update your calendar event(s) for you.
    • Changing the meeting name in Highfive will only update under your Moderated Meetings page. You will not see the new meeting name in your Google or Outlook calendar. If you wish to change the display name of a Moderated Meeting, you can do so from your Google or Outlook calendar. 
    • Changes that you make to the Moderator or Speaker sections will apply and take effect when your meeting starts.
    • If you wish to change the Highfive meeting link, you will need to delete the event from your calendar and schedule a brand new Moderated Meeting using the desired name. Highfive will generate new meeting link and phone number details.
  • When dialing in by telephone, joining from the Highfive mobile app, or using a Highfive-equipped TV, participants will automatically be set as Speakers. Moderation controls are only available in Highfive on computers.
  • You cannot add Moderators or Speakers while the meeting is in progress. Any changes need to be made prior to the Moderator starting the meeting.

Joining a Meeting

Joining a Moderated Meeting is very similar to joining an original Highfive meeting:

  1. Navigate to your work calendar. 
  2. Open the meeting. 
  3. Click on the provided Highfive meeting link and follow the on-screen prompts to begin joining the call. If none was provided, contact the individual who scheduled the me
    • If you are a Speaker or Listener in this meeting, you will need to wait for a Moderator to start the meeting.
    • If you are a Moderator, click the Start button (shown below). This will let other participants in and begin the call. 

Important things to note:

  • Moderated Meetings must be explicitly started by a Moderator. Other meeting participants will not see or hear each other until a Moderator does so.
  • Individuals who were were assigned as Speakers during the creation of a Moderated Meeting (see Scheduling a meeting) will join the meeting with the ability to speak, broadcast video, and share their screen in the meeting without permission.
  • Listeners will only hear the meeting, but can request permission to be a Speaker by using the Raise Hand button.
  • Individuals who would like to join using via the "Join meeting using meeting name" option on the Highfive application can do so by typing in moderated/<meetingPIN> or by pasting in the moderated meeting URL link into the text box. 

Changing participant roles


  • No one, except a Moderator, can change another participant’s role in a Moderated Meeting. In a meeting, Moderators can make role changes by opening the participant panel on the left side of the Highfive window.
  • To protect your privacy, Highfive will notify you if you are a Listener and a Moderator wants you to become a Speaker. You will need to accept the invitation to activate your camera and microphone.
  • You cannot promote another participant to the Moderator role while a call is already in progress. This needs to be done from the Moderated Meetings management page (see: Managing meetings) prior to the start of the meeting.
  • If you are a Listener, you can request to become a Speaker by clicking the Raise Hand button.

Here are the actions that each role can take during a Moderated Meeting:

Role/Action Moderator Speaker Listener
Listen and view all meeting content Y Y Y
Share audio, video, screen to meeting Y Y Raise Hand to Participate
Record meeting Y -- --
Start and end meeting for everyone Y -- --
Change roles of participants Y -- --
Edit the meeting (list of moderators, speakers, etc.) Y -- --
Schedule the meeting Only the first moderator -- --

Example of what a Moderator sees when Ron uses the Raise Hand button to become a Speaker:


Example of a Moderator demoting Ron, a Speaker, to being a Listener:


Example of a Moderator promoting Ron, a Listener, to being a Speaker:


Example of what Ron sees when he is promoted to being a Speaker:


Ending a Meeting

Moderated Meetings can be forcibly ended for all participants by a Moderator. This differs from original Highfive meetings, which end when the last participant leaves.

All Moderated Meetings must have at least one (1) Moderator present in the call. Due to this requirement, if you are the only Moderator in the meeting, clicking Leave Meeting will present the option to End meeting for everyone.


However, if there is another Moderator who will continue to remain in the call, the option to Leave and keep meeting running will be available.


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