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Audio echoing is disruptive to meetings and can be frustrating to troubleshoot when you do not know where it is coming from. To prevent this problem, we have added a Full Audio Mute feature into the Highfive service.

The Full Audio Mute feature activates automatically under certain conditions. When activated, it will stop Highfive call audio from being output from your device speakers and mutes your microphone. This effectively breaks any audio loops that can be formed when multiple devices that are in the same meeting are in close proximity to each other and have their microphone or speakers enabled.

Example of the Full Audio Mute notification on a computer:


Example of the Full Audio Mute notification on a mobile device:


How It Works

Here are specific conditions where the Full Audio Mute feature will be activated on your device:

  • Highfive mobile app - If you join a meeting and there is already a Highfive room present.
  • Highfive desktop app and browser - If you move your call up to a Highfive TV and move your call back to your laptop.

To disable Full Audio Mute:

  • Highfive mobile app - Tap the speaker mute button. 
  • Highfive desktop app and browser - Click either the Turn on or Turn Speakers On button. 


Many Highfive features (such as recording, admitting guests from the waiting room, moderation, and town hall controls are accessed from laptops and mobile devices. This is true even when you're in a Highfive-equipped room which may be joined to the same meeting. Highfive provides a number of ways to control the meeting from your device without fully joining the meeting, but some users still end up doing it the old-fashioned way: by joining the meeting on their laptop or mobile phone while in a Highfive room. We want to be careful to help users avoid interrupting their meeting with distracting audio feedback in these situations specifically.

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