Camera Issues: Others can't see me!

If other participants cannot see you when you are on a Highfive video call, follow the steps below.

I am using a:


  • If you are joining your meeting using Google Chrome:
    • Click on the lock icon (appears to the left of the meeting link at the top of Chrome) and make sure your Camera is set to “Allow”.
    • Try this online camera test to verify that your camera works. You should be able to see yourself once the page loads:
  • If your computer has a camera privacy lock or cover, adjust the switch or cover so that nothing is obstructing the camera lens.
  • Make sure your camera is enabled in the Highfive app by checking the “Enable/Disable Camera” button.
  • Move your mouse over your self-view and click the settings cog to see your audio and video devices. Click the camera and verify that the one selected is the one you are intending to use.
    • If you see "3D" or "Infrared (IR)" camera listed, please choose the other option as these optional devices are for specialized purposes that don't work well for streaming video.
  • Check other apps that use your camera to see if they are also impacted by this issue. If the problem happens in the other app(s), try restarting your computer. 
  • Check your Windows or Mac system Privacy settings and make sure the Highfive application and Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge (if applicable) are allowed to access your camera.
  • If you are using an external USB webcam, disconnect and reconnect it.
  • If you are using the Highfive desktop application, try joining your meeting using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead, or vice versa, if you are already using one of these browsers. Joining from Internet Explorer or Safari will download and install the Highfive desktop application, letting you know if the problem is isolated to one of these methods of joining your call.

Highfive-Equipped TV

  • Highfive Select and Plus rooms
    • Restart the Highfive camera by quickly tapping and releasing the Reset button behind the unit. Alternatively, you can also disconnect and reconnect the power cable from it.
  • Highfive Premium rooms
    • Check the USB cable that connects the Dolby Voice Camera to the Dolby Voice Hub. You can disconnect and reconnect both ends to ensure they are fully seated.
    • Restart the Dolby Voice Hub by holding down the power button behind the unit until the device restarts. Alternatively, you can also disconnect and reconnect the power cable from the Hub.

Mobile device

  • Open your Camera app to see if it is also impacted by this issue. If your camera does not work there, try restarting your phone.
  • Quit the Highfive application, make sure no other applications are using your camera, and try again.

If your camera issue persists after following these steps, contact Highfive Support at

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