Audio & Video Quality Issues When Working Remotely

Highfive performs best when the minimum device and network requirements are met. If you are running into any of the problems listed below while working remotely and you are confident that you are meeting or exceeding the requirements, follow the steps in the Troubleshooting section.

  • Video pixelation
  • Video freezing
  • Audio and/or video lag
  • Screensharing lag
  • Audio dropouts
  • Robotic-sounding audio


Audio and video quality issues are generally caused by poor or inconsistent network connectivity. Occasionally, they can also be caused by an overworked computer or mobile device, too.

  • Use a wired network connection instead of Wi-Fi, when available.
  • Try muting your camera in Highfive, so your full outbound bandwidth is used for audio. 
  • Using a VPN to connect to your corporate network while getting on a Highfive video call can work, but VPNs naturally add more hops to a network connection. This can cause lag or quality problems, so if you use VPN and are running into issues, try disabling it.
  • Restart your home network. (If you are not sure how to do this, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.)
  • Check CPU and memory utilization on your device. High CPU or memory utilization can cause degraded video conferencing performance since your device is working overtime to process audio and video. Close any unused browser tabs/windows or applications running.
  • Perform any available web browser, audio/video driver, or system updates. 
  • If you're having a connection or quality issue at home, work with your Internet Service Provider to make sure your home network is fast and consistent enough for video conferencing. Highfive's network requirements can be found here
  • If you're experiencing quality problems with video conferencing on your home network and are familiar with its configuration and setup, you can look into dynamic QoS settings on your home router to prioritize video conferencing traffic. More information on QoS in relation to Highfive can be found here and you can contact your router manufacturer for assistance. 

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