Busy Signal When Dialing A Highfive Static Phone Number

The default static phone number when dialing into a Highfive meeting for our US-based customers is +1 628-444-4348.

If you hear a busy signal when joining a Highfive meeting by telephone, there may be congestion on the telephone network. Please try dialing any of the following alternate phone numbers first, followed by your meeting code:

  • +1-559-461-9567
  • +1-848-227-7998
  • +1-442-200-5114
  • +1-316-333-3372

For example, if your meeting's static dial-in number is +1 628-444-4348 and your meeting code is 4193972177#, try dialing +1-559-461-9567 instead, and then enter in your meeting code (4193972177#).

If you try the alternate phone numbers above and are still unable to join your meeting, please report the issue to our Support team for further investigation at help@highfive.com.

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