Screen Sharing - When Picking a Window, Other Windows of the App Are Also Seen


This issue applies to Windows users joining meetings with the Highfive desktop application or the in-browser client.

Picking an application window to share works normally. This issue arises if you move another window of the same application over the window you are sharing. In this scenario, the application window that is on top will also be seen by other participants.

Example: If you are sharing Google Chrome window #1 and you move Chrome window #2 on top of it, the participants in your meeting will be able to see Chrome window #2. However, if you move your Notes application over Chrome window #1, other participants will not be able to see it.


  1. When sharing just an application window, avoid moving any other windows on top of it, especially if the second window is from the same application.
  2. We will inform you once this is fixed or improved via the Highfive Release Notes. You can subscribe to email updates here:


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