Removing a Participant From a Meeting

Currently, Highfive does not have an in-call feature that removes meeting participants. To prevent unwanted stragglers from remaining in your meetings, here are some best practices you can try:

  1. Start a new call - If you find yourself in a situation where an unwanted participant remains in your meeting, the easiest thing to do is start a new meeting with a different name. Simply adding a single digit or letter to the current call name will achieve this.
  2. Ask an Admin for help -  If the unwanted participant is a registered Highfive user at your company, you can contact a Highfive Administrator and ask them to perform the following:
    • Go to:
    • Find and disable the user to disconnect them from the meeting.
    • Once the user has left the meeting, reenable their account. You can find them by clicking the Enabled filter at the top, and then selecting Disabled or All.
  3. Create unique meetings - When scheduling meetings in advance, use different meeting names to create unique Highfive sessions. For example: "team-meeting" will be a different call than "company-meeting" and avoid using just your default meeting/user name, such as "john-smith".
  4. Use Moderated Meetings mode - Schedule the meeting as a Highfive Moderated Meeting. This feature gives Moderators the ability to completely end a session.

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