Virtual Backgrounds: Using Snap Camera With Highfive

Not everybody has a classy home office in view behind them when they’re on camera working from home. Although Highfive does not natively have a background blur or replacement feature at the moment, there are multiple virtual camera options available from other vendors that work well with Highfive and get the job done. One free solution that our team has found to work well with Highfive is Snap Camera.

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How It Works

Snap Camera is a virtual camera software. When you open the Snap Camera app, Highfive is able to detect Snap Camera as another camera option on your computer. When you choose a "Lens" (video background or filter) in the Snap Camera app, it will also apply to your Snap Camera feed in Highfive, too.

There are many fun and ridiculous filters in Snap Camera that have been created by the user community, but we've also created and uploaded professional ones for you to use, too.

Snap Camera provides an overview of how their product works here: Snap Camera Overview

Instructions For Highfive Users

Disclaimer: While Snap Camera has worked great for our team, Highfive does not offer customer or technical support for the Snap Camera app. If you are have questions about or issues with the Snap Camera app, please contact Snap Camera here.

  1. Close out of any applications that are currently using your computer's camera. 
  2. Download and install Snap Camera here: Download
  3. Once installed, open the Snap Camera application and choose your desired video background or filter.
    • Hint: You can search Snap Camera Lenses for "Highfive" to pull up professional backgrounds uploaded by our very own Product Manager, Rob Anagnoson.
  4. Start or join a Highfive video call. 
  5. On the preview screen that appears right before you join your meeting, click on Settings and choose Snap Camera as your camera device.
  6. You will now see the background or filter that you selected in Snap Camera. Join your meeting to show everyone else!

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