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The "Unable to connect" error message appears when Highfive cannot establish an audio and video connection, or when the attempt to connect takes too long.

The error message is usually preceded by the following loading screen: 



  1. If you are confident you are not behind a network firewall that can block Highfive from connecting, click "Attempt to rejoin on computer" to try again. If the error persists:
    • Short term workaround: 
      • Try connecting to your meeting from a different network. If you are working remotely and are using a VPN to connect to your corporate network, try disabling it.
      • To get you in to your meeting, click "Join by phone instead." Highfive will create a telephone number for you to dial so that you can participate and troubleshoot this problem afterward. 
    • Long term solution: This is a network issue, so you will need to report the problem to your IT team for assistance. We need their help with checking your network and firewall configuration to ensure our Minimum Network Requirements are met. For organizations that have more complex network configurations or stricter firewall policies, consulting our more detailed requirements documentation is recommended. 

If you have ensured that all of the Highfive network requirements are met and this error persists, please report the issue to the Highfive Support team at help@highfive.com for further investigation. 

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