Windows: Unable to Detect Camera and Microphone

In Windows, access to the camera can be blocked if access to the microphone is blocked. The permissions can be set systemwide or for specific applications. and the setting may be updated by Windows without notification that the privacy and security settings for the microphone were changed. The following issues are also related to this microphone permission setting:

Please note that there may be slight variations in what you see in Steps 3 and 4 based on your version of Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise), and which cumulative updates are installed on your machine.

  1. Click Start and type "microphone privacy" and choose the Microphone privacy settings result.
  2. Check the setting for Microphone access for this device is set to on.
    • If this is set to Off, then click Change and correct the setting.
  3. Check that the setting down the page that says Allow Desktop apps to access your microphone is set to On.
  4. Check that Google Chrome and Highfive (if you have the desktop app) are on the list and able to access the mic.
    • Some Windows 10 configurations allow individual selection of apps while others allow a choice only for all-on or all-off access. If you see sliders for individual apps, make sure the ones for Google Chrome and Highfive are enabled.

If following these steps has not resolved the issue, please contact us and we'll take a look!




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