Using a Highfive Flex Room

Highfive Flex rooms are created by providing your own PC, audio and video peripherals, and the Highfive Flex app to operate the room.

Click here to see the instructions for setting up a Highfive Flex room.

Starting a Meeting

Video meetings can be started on your Highfive Flex room using the "Join on TV" function.

  1. Click on the meeting that you want to join, either directly on the meeting URL, or on the meeting name from the Highfive home screen.
  2. On the desktop app or browser, use the "Join on TV" button to pick your Highfive Flex room from the list and start the meeting on the Flex room system.
  3. If you are not presented with the option to join on TV before entering the meeting, use the "Move to TV" button in any of the Highfive apps to transfer the meeting from your personal device to the Flex room system.

For a more complete description of how to join a Highfive meeting, click here

Managing a Meeting

Check back for more information about controls available for Highfive Flex rooms, as we continue to grow this capability!

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