How to Install the Highfive Add-On for G Suite

Customers with G Suite are able to add the Highfive add-on to their calendars to simplify making secured meeting links within the Google Calendar app. The Google Calendar app can then be used to create Highfive meetings, even from mobile devices.

G Suite domain administrators can enable the Highfive add-on for your entire domain.

Get the Add-On from the G Suite Marketplace

  1. When looking at Google Calendar, the list of G Suite add-ons is in the thin vertical bar to the right of the main calendar panel.
    If the bar is hidden, click the reveal button in the bottom-right of the calendar window.
  2. If it isn't already installed, click the plus below the list of icons. The G Suite Marketplace window appears. Search for Highfive to bring up the add-on.
  3. Select Highfive in the results list and select the appropriate installation option.
    • Most people will select the Individual Install option. G Suite domain administrators can enable the add-on for their whole domain by skipping to the G Suite Admins section of this article.
  4. After making a selection, the confirmation window will appear.
  5. Press Continue and the add-on will be installed, and the Highfive icon will appear in the add-ons sidebar.
  6. Login to the add-on by opening a Google Calendar event window open, click Add video conferencing and then choose Highfive.
  7. Select Highfive from the list.
  8. Click Log in.
  9. Proceed to How to Use the Highfive Add-On for G Suite.

G Suite Admins: Enable Highfive for Everyone

Continuing from Step 3 of the previous section.

  1. When the prompt for Domain Install vs Individual install appears, choose Domain Install.
  2. Choose Continue at the confirmation prompt.
  3. Within 24 hours, all users in your domain will see the Highfive icon in the Google Calendar sidebar.
  4. Users will need to complete the login steps in the previous section to complete the add-on setup process. When ready, anyone can follow the How to Use the Highfive Add-On for G Suite guide to scheduling their meetings quickly.

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