How to Show Everyone in a Video Call

The default view for Highfive is to show anywhere from one to three participants on-screen at a time. We also have a Show Everyone feature that allows you to see many more participants on screen at a time in your browser and the Highfive desktop app.

Show Everyone is not available in conference rooms with Highfive or Dolby hardware. These rooms will show the traditional three-up speakers-only view.

Switch to the Show Everyone view


Now the participants in the call, including anyone without a camera, will appear in a dynamic grid view.


If there are three (3) or four (4) participants, they'll show in a 2x2 grid.


With seven (7) to nine (9) participants, participants are shown in a 3x3 grid.


Who's Talking?

Active speakers have the bar with their name highlighted in purple to it's simple to find who to look at.


Speakers without cameras will also be highlighted when they speak.


Return to the Default View

Click the Show Speakers button to return to the view that shows only the most recent speakers.


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